Virginia Parks - Encaustic Artist

Welcome to my virtual portfolio!

As an archaeologist by day, I was first drawn to encaustic painting by its antiquity. Beeswax was originally used by shipbuilders to waterproof ships in ancient Greece. In the following centuries and millennia, the addition of dammar resin and pigment to melted beeswax became an important technique for painting death portraits, religious icons, and other expressions of artistic creativity.

I’ve experimented with different media all my life, but I didn’t take my first encaustic class until about 10 years ago. I’ve been exploring how to use color, line, and texture to build up the layers of my encaustic paintings ever since. I love to paint everyday objects that often go overlooked, an empty bowl or a lone pear, a chair or a stack of books. The natural world is also a source of inspiration, especially seed pods and the other phases of plant life that may not be perfect but are infinitely interesting.

The fun —and the challenge—of encaustic is its flexibility, and recently I’ve started incorporating other media such as watercolor and paper collage. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the variety of tools and techniques one can bring to encaustic painting, and even though I still feel like I’m just scratching the surface, I’m having a blast as I explore!

Upcoming Shows and Events

Ongoing 2020
Dragonfire Gallery - Cannon Beach, OR
123 S Hemlock St., Unit 106 Cannon Beach, OR
Summer brings a new collection of my work to the walls of the gallery. Check out what's there on the Current Work page.

Ongoing 2020
Art in the Village
7830 S.W. 40th Ave, Portland, OR
A wonderful new gallery featuring 20 local artists, connected to the working studio of watercolor artist Donna Sanson.

POSTPONED UNTIL 2021 - Coming up in October, 2021
Washington County Open Studios Tour
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