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Encaustic painting on cradled wood panel
SOLD Go Ahead, Count your Chickens
Encaustic on cradled wood panel

This painting is part of the "Changes" member artist show:

Go Ahead, Count Your Chickens
Encaustic and Tea Bag on Cradled Wood Panel
6” x 6” x 1.5”
by Virginia Parks

For me, 2017 was a year of change. Good friends moved, literally, to the other side of the world. My sweet old dog, my yellow shadow for 9 years, walked on, leaving a hole in my heart. And the world, though I know it’s always changing, became a place I don’t quite recognize. Making art has always been a respite, but even that hasn’t been a given during this year of uncertainty. As I look to the year ahead, though I bring the past with me, I am committed to meeting change with change. I plan to work outside my comfort zone, both with my art and my life. Who knows what will happen, but I’m certainly not going to wait until all the eggs hatch to count my chickens! (VP12P507)

Available at Art on Broadway Gallery, Beaverton OR